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Most people think that being busy is equivalent to being productive but it is a common misconception. The mission to accomplish more every day has tricked people into thinking that if they are doing something and are working constantly, they are achieving something.

Here, we are going to discuss, why only being busy is not productive and ways you can improve your productivity and mange work.

Busy people become stubborn to work on projects more than they should. While the productive people, take a good look at their schedule and cut their schedule in half by efficiently concentrating on the work and getting it done.

Productivity is about efficiency and getting things done. It is the opposite of working on things that have many or no important benefits. If you can wash 40 dishes in 2 hours, you have been productive but if you take on a goal of washing 200 dishes in a day and end up moving 100 to the other day and the 100 you washed need rewashing then you have only been busy, not productive.

This is why sanctioning 3 days’ work in eight work hours is only going to make you busy and unproductive. Consequently, if you eliminate the tasks that you can delay or do without to make your schedule more practical is going to help. Less is more when you are planning to have a productive day at work.

Productive people are different from busy people because they understand what is important and urgent. So, they don’t jump at every assignment to complete it. They take their time and value quality over quantity.

People who are busy all day, usually get into everything and fight needless battles all day long. This blinds them from paying attention to what is important. At the office, an employee is bombarded with loads of projects that are all considered urgent. A task can be urgent but it may not be equally important.

Productive people focus on getting the important things done, instead of trying to finish everything that is urgent and invaluable. If you are someone who struggles all day and accomplishes little. You should divide your work hours carefully to work upon tasks that are important and are worth your time.

Distractions Drive you Away from Productivity

Busy people are always distracted and try to accomplish unimportant things. Productive people, on the other hand, try to create a system that helps them gain effective results.

Busy people have habits that are productivity-busters. These habits are common things that they do during the day, that distract them from work. They check their mail all day, they don’t silence their phone at work, and every time there is a notification and it buzzes, they pick it up to waste 15-30 minutes. Getting interrupted again and again, not only kills the work tempo but it slows down the brain’s processing power.

A study conducted at King’s College London University revealed that when individuals spontaneously bothered checking their phone, their IQ dropped by 10 IQ points. When you constantly switch between working on your actual task and replying to your emails, it alters the structure your rain is creating, this leads to a decrease in your ability to focus.

On the other hand, productive people manage their schedules in such a way that they don’t skip checking their inbox but reserve a time frame to do such mundane tasks. Once they get over with it, they go back to being productive so that 90%+ part of their brain is focused on doing what it should be doing.

Focusing Vs. Multi-tasking

Productive people focus on one job at a time and perform it efficiently and passionately. Meanwhile, a busy person tries to do 15 things at once. A busy person might be trying to work with 10 tabs open on a PC while talking to someone on a phone and eating lunch. The person is busy at handling tasks but the person is struggling and failing to complete each of them.

Productive people place their focus on doing tasks that matter the most. They mostly multitask effectively by selecting to pair less important tasks with a balancing important task. For example, a highly productive person who is writing his ideas on a potential project while he is waiting for a board meeting to start. Instead of scrolling on social media posts, he is doing something productive.

Productive People Work Less and Accomplish More

A productive person knows when to shut the door. To accomplish a goal, you need to give your goal some time and energy. Young and energetic people can take on more than one project. They divide their time to focus on one at a time.

Productive people are work-oriented and they don’t fear challenges in life. They believe in their capabilities and take life as a contest where they keep taking steps to go up. If you are someone struggling with a job, education, or life in general, you need to think of yourself as more powerful.

When you feel in control of your life, you can do much more than you can imagine. Busy people ditch their goals because they are always distracted by unimportant things and they enter a cycle of repeated distractions that keeps them from discovering their true potential.

Giving up on plans because they are impractical or not right at the moment is fine. But working at a 9-5 job for years that you hate is toxic. Instead, to focus your energy on what is truly important, you should focus all your energy and sources on doing something that will get you where you want to be.

Productive People Take Breaks

Busy people rarely take breaks and are glued to their desks; they have a misconception that breaks are for procrastinators. Busy people hate breaks and therefore, avoid taking some time to relax when they should. They often get frustrated when they look at productive people taking breaks. They often consider them free and irresponsible. By taking a break such as going out for a walk or having a snack, can improve conscience and relax the mind and body.

To reach higher levels of productivity, you should stop feeling busy but try to get more focused on what you are doing. This will morph your work routine in a while and you will start loving the productive person you will become.