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Friends are an integral part of our lives and they influence us in many ways. As they play an influential role in our lives, both in personal and professional life, it is important to find friends having appreciative qualities. Friendships are more like an elevator; they will either help you go up in life or they might pull you down!

Not all relationships can be given the tag of ‘Friends for life’. This is because there will be a time you will find out that people whom you considered as your best buddy has betrayed you in some way or the other. Time will say if your friends are the real ones. To build long term relations with your friends, it is important to make the right relationship choices. In this article, some of the best traits have been summarized to help you find the right friends.

  • Associate higher– If you are a careerist person and wish to take your career to the next level, it is important to look for friends who share the same values as you. When two people share the same kind of thoughts, it becomes easier to connect. However, this won’t be enough. To strengthen your career prospect and explore new levels, one has to step out of the comfort zone to build relations with people who are on that level. Such a friend exposes you to new things and prospects which means that you will now have new opportunities and areas to explore!
  • Choose friends who are positive in their outlook– Positive vibes are a necessity to keep a positive outlook in your life. Look for friends who are positive in their outlook as they are the ones who will be motivating you consistently. They should be able to provide mental and emotional support during your bad times. For example, you might have lost someone and you are completely shattered. A good friend will console you will try to distract your mind by taking you out or diverting your attention to other things.
  • Choose a friend having the same goals– Sharing common goals with your friend is one of the best things because you both can motivate one another to go ahead in life. It becomes easier to accomplish your goals as you both will be working on the same thing. Besides this, friends sharing the same thoughts, values, goals, and ideas stay for a long haul.
  • Choose friends who can bring out the best in you– Try to stay away from negative friends as they will only bring you down and discourage you from trying new things. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. A good friend will always try to bring out the best in you. The right associates can help you in exploring the skills and talents in which you are weak. They should never make fun of your flaws or weaknesses. Rather, they should act as responsible affiliates who can push you towards working on your abilities and the weaknesses. For example, if you’re trying to become a doctor, a good friend should act as your support system to help you throughout the preparation phase. They should also cherish your success at the same time!
  • Choose friends with whom you can communicate freely– Choose friends with whom you can connect mentally! A mental connection is very important because if you don’t share that, it becomes impossible to express your feelings and emotions in a carefree manner. Positive communication is a key feature of a good friendship and there should be a comfort zone between you and your friends so that you don’t feel shy to get called out. Reliable friends will point out your good and bad sides and they will prevent you from following the wrong path. However, you also need to do the same for your friend.
  • Choose encouraging friends– We always want to be around people who constantly uplifts us and instills courage and positivity. The best types of friends will always pay attention to what you have to say. Besides this, they can advise you on how to remove your negative thoughts or how you can work out on your weak points.
  • Choose friends who like to learn– Friends who have the urge to learn new things are the ones who will also help you in learning new things. Life is all about having friends with whom you can grow and advance in life. In this way, you both can learn new things and explore new opportunities. Look for friends who love to read as they can suggest you some of the best books written by the best authors. Friends who are bookworms are great people to have around as you can communicate more with them.
  • Choose purpose partners– Purpose partners are those who share a common purpose or goal in their life. Having such a friend is beneficial in life as they encourage you to work harder and suggest new ways to accomplish the purpose/goal.
  • Choose friends who will celebrate your accomplishment– You can have a lot of friends in your life but not all of them are your well-wishers. Some of them love to enjoy your weaknesses and failures which is highly discouraging and depressing at times. However, instead of focusing on the negativity, try to make friends with those who are genuinely happy for you. A true and reliable friend will always share your success story with others, get inspired by you and they will cherish all the milestones that you have achieved. It is rare to find such friends in life and if you already have one, keep them closer to you!

A Friendship is based on the golden rule of ‘give and take’ policy. If you want a good friend, then you have to be the same. When you do well, people will be good for you. You need to treat others in the same manner in which you want to get treated by others. Choose your friends wisely and take the time to evaluate your friendships. Follow the above secrets and you will surely establish some of the greatest friendships of your life!